Buck Hunting Season Kicks Off

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)-  Deer hunting season starts today and we couldn’t ask for a better day. Deer hunting season is one of  West Virginia’s greatest pastimes.

“Big family tradition throughout Appalachia. The whole country really. It’s a time when grandparents go out with their sons grandsons or grand daughters families get together and something they do as a family and it’s a good activity around these parts” said Dennis Feazell Lt with Division of Natural Resource Law EnforcementTo stay safe while hunting. Make sure you have your gun on safety if you are walking, keep your gun cleaned and well maintained. Do not use your scope as a binoculars and one most of the important laws to keep you safe during hunting is “you have to wear your blaze orange. State requires you to wear 400 sq inches of blaze orange that’s about a size of a vest for an upper body. Not only is it a law it a very safe thing to do lots of lives has been saved by wearing blaze orange so you don’t get misidentified for game” said Dennis Feazell

Other important laws to consider are “Gun on a motor vehicle that includes atv. Anytime you’re in a vehicle like that you can’t have your gun loaded the bumps can cause the gun to discharge and it’s also unsafe. Also be careful where you are hunting at. State law requires you to be more than 500 ft away from a residence when you’re hunting” said Dennis Feazell

This is the perfect week to kickoff deer season especially with the kids out of school this week.

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