Bridge Day: The Largest Jumping Festival In West Virginia

Jumping from the New River Gorge Bridge may be on the bucket list for some. On Saturday, that goal was reached by many veteran and new base jumpers for the 38th Annual Bridge Day!
Hundreds of parachuters launched from the 876-foot-tall New River Gorge Bridge during the Bridge Day BASE jumping festival.


“There’s nothing quite like it. It’s just very angelic feeling. It feels like you are floating,” said Josh Martin, a BASE jumper.


One jumper, Johnni Dijulius, came all the way from Cleveland, Ohio as a first-time BASE jumper, and shared his thoughts and emotions running through his head as he jumped off the bridge.


“A lot was just being stable and making sure I pull after 3 seconds in the air, and to make sure I land safely,” said Dijulius.


Bridge Day is somewhat of a homecoming for veteran BASE jumpers who have been returning to this spot, year after year, for more thrill, and for the opportunity to jump off the bridge as many times as they want.


“Pretty much the same thing that happens on every jump. I mean, you have to hope for the best, but in the end sometimes you land in the water,” said Ilya, a BASE jumper who landed in the water.


However, many parachuters also make their first BASE jump off of the New River Gorge Bridge on Bridge Day.

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