Brian’s Safehouse honors Beckley couple with Hope Award

BECKLEY, WV (NEWS RELEASE) –  Brian’s Safehouse seeks to inspire hope in the local community and to those who are struggling with addiction by recognizing individuals who are outstanding in “bringing souls hope in the battle against addiction.”

Dr. Stephen Finch and his wife Kolleen are people with a vision and with the passion and compassion to carry that vision out.  Their vision is a community working hand in hand with addicts to overcome the monster of addiction.  The focus of that vision and the passion of their hearts are the residents of faith-based Brian’s Safehouse and its sister program for women, Sparrow’s Nest.

As the first residents of Brian’s Safehouse came into the program, Brush quickly realized that addiction and problems with teeth go hand in hand.  He turned to Dr. Finch of the Beckley Dental Center for help.  Finch began providing free dental care for the residents.  Kolleen Finch became involved in meeting other needs of the Safehouse and later Sparrow’s Nest.  Her compassion for the residents naturally imbues others with the same passionate concern.

Finch’s leadership rolls in the groups she is involved in provide the perfect means to raise awareness and garner support.  Her positions on the parish council at her church, as treasurer of the Ladies of St. Francis and as president of Alpha Delta Kappa, the sorority for teachers, have allowed her to encourage the organizations and individuals to become part of a network for assisting Brian’s Safehouse and Sparrow’s Nest by providing clothing, toiletries and most anything else needed. Active with Modern Woodmen, the Finches have garnered financial support to provide items for several needs, such as a lawn mower and other tools for yard work.

The Finches have inspired their friends and acquaintances to view the residents not as worthless addicts but as people who are caught in an endless cycle, unable to escape without the help of those around them.  “If you give these people a chance – it’s a great feeling to see the change… they come (for dental care) and you can see a look of despair.  You can feel it.  But then you can just tell the change” as they go through the program, explains Dr. Finch.

From providing free dental care, even full dentures, to training one of the women from Sparrow’s Nest to become a dental assistant in the office, the Finches wholeheartedly support the work of Brian’s Safehouse and Sparrow’s Nest.

Dr. Finch sums up what he and Kolleen feel about battling addiction, “The more people you can get involved, maybe other people can see there is hope.  The more they see graduates come out and get in the community and start becoming productive members rather than takers – other people can see and get help.  But Leon needs more help and more facilities.  We just have to help them as much as we can. It’s not a quick fix, and we know it.  But we have to start it…”

For their selfless work in bringing souls hope in the battle against addiction, Brian’s Safehouse presents to Dr. Stephen and Kolleen Finch the 2017 Hope Award.

About Brian’s Safehouse

Brian’s Safehouse is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a safe, family environment in which individuals can overcome addiction.  Founders Leon & Donita Brush lost their son, Brian, to a drug overdose.  Out of this tragedy, the idea of “Brian’s Safehouse” was born.  The Lord immediately began using these circumstances to grow a ministry that saves lives, every day.  Brian’s Safehouse works alongside men who are seeking to defeat their addiction; the new women’s program is The Sparrow’s Nest.  Through the unique, in-patient programs, those who are struggling with life-controlling issues achieve genuine recovery and are trained to abandon their old, consuming ways and work toward becoming godly, productive members of society.

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