Brian's Safehouse Celebrates At Tamarack

The night began with a prayer, as several people gathered together for Brian’s Safehouse Annual Fundraiser banquet. The Safehouse was founded by Leon Brush, who opened the door to male addicts who have now found God and decided to overcome their addiction.  “This is a big night at the Safehouse, it’s when we all gather in and it’s kinda like a homecoming, kind of like a night of celebration. We have residents who have graduated and have become producers and it’s a night where we celebrate together and people have an opportunity from the community to be a part of our ministry.” said, Brush. 

Jake Cochran who graduated from the Safehouse in 2013 spoke at the event and is hoping he can now help others with their addiction. “Mainly to share my story with the hope that other people will realize that addiction is no respecter of persons. It doesn’t matter what family background you come from, your socioeconomic status, we’re all kinda wired that way. So my hope is that I can at least reach one person and let them know that they can beat this thing.” 

This is the ninth year they have celebrated Brian’s Safehouse and they hope to continue celebrating it in the upcoming years.

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