Booze bust in Beckley and other parts of Raleigh Co.

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (NEWS RELEASE) — Law enforcement officers from the Beckley Police Department and Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office partnered with Agents from the ABCA to conduct an Underage Alcohol Sting throughout Raleigh County on Thursday March 30, 2017. A total of 88 establishments were visited during the sting.

Agents and officers accompanied designated underage buyers into local establishments at which time the underage buyers attempted to purchase alcohol using their actual ID cards that clearly identified them as a person Under the age of 21.

“At no time was any deception attempted during the sting and the underage buyers were instructed to leave the store without any further attempts to purchase if the sale was refused by the clerk. If carded by the clerks, the underage buyers presented their actual ID that clearly states “Under 21” on the card. The sting was conducted as an ongoing effort by local law enforcement and the ABCA to deter the sale of alcohol to persons under the age of 21.”

The sting was funded by the WV Governor’s Highway Safety Program and coordinated by the WV Southern Regional Highway Safety Office and the ABCA. The funding from the GHSP is specifically earmarked to address the illegal sale of alcohol to underage persons.

Clerks/Servers who sold alcohol illegally are facing charges of Selling Alcohol to a Person Under 21.

The businesses also face further penalties from the ABCA.

“The Southern Regional Highway Safety Office will continue to work in conjunction with local law enforcement and the ABCA throughout the region in an effort to crack down on underage consumption of alcohol.”

A list of establishments facing charges of illegally selling alcohol to a Person Under the Age of 21 are as follows:

One Stop #8133

871 Robert C Byrd Dr.

Sophia, WV


Little General Store #2375

2001 Robert C Byrd Dr.

MacArthur, WV


Little General Store #2495

125 Odd Rd.

Ghent, WV


Little General Store #2165

2109 Ritter Dr.

Daniels, WV


Co Mac

1706 Harper Rd.

Beckley, WV


Texas Steakhouse & Saloon

140 Harper Park Dr.

Beckley, WV


Buffalo Wild Wings

214 Crossroads Dr.

Mt Hope, WV


Smoker Friendly #5

19 Nell Jean Mall

Beckley, WV

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