Bones Found at Plateau Medical Center Still Under Investigation

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY)- The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.  is still trying to identify bones unearthed at Plateau Medical Center in Oak Hill.

One month ago, workers from Cooks Excavation made the discovery while working on the new addition to Plateau Medical Center.


The fragments found were seen as very small and were initially sent to the medical examiner in Charleston. Later, pieces of bone were later sent to D.C. when it was determined more specific testing needed to be done.


Chief Mike Wisman with the Oak Hill Police Department gave Newswatch an update saying, ” We are still just waiting on word from the Smithsonian Institute to verify the bones are human and also to find out how old they are and how long they’ve been buried there for. I know it does take quite some time to get them returned,” said Wisman.


The Smithsonian is the top of the chain when it comes to determining whether the bones are human or animal.


Stay with Newswatch as this story continues to develop.

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