Nicholas County Board of Education votes to consolidate five schools into two

“The Nicholas county High School, Richwood High School and the VO Technical school close, consolidate them into one high school at the close of 2020 school year or later if the completion of the new school is delayed. And to close Richwood middle school and and Summerville middle school consolidating them into a new middle school at the close of the 2020 school year or later if the completion of the new school is delayed. Both to be located on the property of the Glade Creek business park.” said the Superintendent of Nicholas County Schools Tuesday night. It was the answer that several Nicholas county residents have been waiting for and some of them not wanting to hear the answer the board had chosen.

Many people leaving as the Superintendent announces consolidation of the schools, while many standing up clapping with joy. Terry Long, who is a current English teacher at Nicholas County High School was very excited to hear the news. “Will have opportunities for the kids to have all of the programs, it’s not just this side or that side, talking about you got money for this or we didn’t get money for that. It will finally be equalized in more ways than one.”

Although, the Board of Education voted YES to consolidating Nicholas County Schools, there are still many steps that they must go through before their decision is approved and several people believe it won’t be.

Loyd Adkins, who is a former Board Member, stated, “Ultimately, the State Board of Education will make the one decision and there’s a good chance with governor Justices side with wanting to keep these schools in Nicholas county that this decision will be overturned.” Zach Taylor, who is a current student at Richwood High School, stated, “I am really disappointed in all of the board members but it’s just getting started from here.”

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