Body Remains Found Send Shockwaves Through Community

SPRINGDALE, WV (WOAY) – Shockwaves were sent through one community as human body remains were found.

This comes after West Virginia State Police announced on May,29th that body remains were found in Fayette County.

The remains were found on Irish Mt. Rd in Springdale. At this time there are no new details on who the remains may belong to.

After hearing the news local residents are in disbelief that this happened in their small community.

Resident, Shelley Walker said, “Honestly I have no words for that. That’s extremely scary to know.”

Resident, Roger Vandall adds,”I felt shocked it was kind of disturbing because I go up there and fish and walk all the time. I was actually up there four days ago and had no idea about it.”

Currently the Rainelle detachment of State Police is investigating the case. The body remains were sent off to the State Medical Examiner’s Office to be tested.

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