Body of missing man was possibly fed to hogs

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) — A new search warrant application says the body of a missing North Carolina man may have been fed to hogs.


WRAL-TV reports 26-year-old Charleston Prentice Goodman was last seen in January when witnesses say he argued with several people before being shoved into a van. Authorities recently applied for a search warrant to obtain data from his cellphone.


The warrant says someone saw Goodman’s body in that same van days later.


It says an informant told police a drug dealer believed Goodman stole cocaine from him.


It says the informant told officers the dealer then hired a crew to kidnap Goodman.


That informant says Goodman’s body was stored at an unknown location, but another informant told officers Goodman’s body “is believed to have been fed to hogs.”

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