A Body Found And Identified In Crab Orchard

It has left the community shocked after a body was found Tuesday evening in the small knit community of Crab Orchard. L.t. MA McCray told us, “About 15 till eight there were a couple of boys out riding their ATV’s and they located a body that was just off of Cleveland School Road on Cernuto Road, the area that we refer to as Redden Holler. They went back and got their father, some teenage boys, they took their father up to the area, there was a body there. They called 911 and the sheriffs office and Jan-Care EMS responded to the scene.”

The body was identified as thirty eight year old, Jason Rodney McNeely of Logan County who was visiting his mother in Beckley and was last seen by her on April 30th. The body was found on a quiet dirt road and this isn’t the first time a body was found in the Crab Orchard area. L.t. McCray says another body was found earlier this year close by.

One neighbor who doesn’t live far from where the body was found says it’s scary hearing about incidents like this in a community where everyone knows each other. Danny Gill of Crab Orchard said, “When it’s part of your community and very close to where you live it’s always something a little bit more alarming and I know that most of the places in the county there’s always drug problems, there’s always different arrests for different things but when people start finding bodies on roads where you run or train and things like that it’s always much more alarming.”

As of right now the Raleigh County Sheriffs office is working hard on the investigation to find out the cause of death but says the community should not feel unsafe. 

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