Board of Education Holds Their Fourth Meeting

The night started with the Alma mater as former graduates and students of Richwood came together as a community to show their school pride, But their main focus Friday night  was to voice their opinions and concerns they have in the talk of consolidating or even closing Richwood High School.

Richwood Students say:
“I’m speaking for the future lumber jacks, and for the previous lumber jacks that are now because I don’t think consolidation is the best way to go.”

One man who is a former graduate of Richwood as well as many of his family members, drove an hour and 45 minutes just to attend the meeting.

Michael Helmick former graduate:
“Knowing that something has been there, the school is 100 years old. It was open in. 1916, my grandmother graduated there in 1931, their going to just kill a town by pulling its heart out and that’s what the heart of Richwood is the HS”

Another former graduate, said she is worried for her daughters future.

Tiffany Russell former graduate:
“I chose to live in Richwood because I did not want to have a long drive to school for my child, I chose for it to be here.”

Right inside these doors of the Cherry River elementary school was the fourth meeting that was held by the board of education. The last meeting will be held Monday night and no decisions will be made until then.

Ashley Cafaro for NewsWatch

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