Bluefield Police Officer Killed In Vehicle Pursuit

It is a tragic day for the town of Bluefield, after a police officer was killed in an early morning crash. The vehicle pursuit took place shortly after midnight on Tuesday. It involved three Bluefield police officers and one state police. The accident took place on Princeton Avenue at the corner of Lee street. Kimberly Green who lives right across from where the accident happened told us, “It was about one o’clock in the morning, I was in the shower and I heard sirens coming. They were kind of far down, then about the time I got out, I saw a blue car in front of the house. It was right here in the road and then one other cop car was crashed there. One of the other officers was on the ground, and then the other cop car came from far down from here and they crashed really hard. The other one then shot back and into the shop. The other cop started coming and the other cop got out. He had blood coming down off his head and everything, it was a really big mess.” 

Officials  are not releasing any names right now say the three other officers that were involved in the accident were injured, they have been treated and released. Area Media reported that the driver of the fifth car was driving under the influence, officials have also not released that persons name. When we asked Green about the driver of the fifth car she told us, “You could tell they were drunk because of the language he was using, he was cussing me out. I asked him if he was “alright”, then he started swearing at me, so I was just like alright.”

Right now the accident is still under investigation, we will have more information once it becomes available.

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