President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda still hotly debated on cost

WASHINGTON D.C. (WOAY) – President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is still being hotly debated in Washington.

The plan has a strong focus on infrastructure and social services, which many experts say has potential to help small businesses.

Rhett Buttle, a senior advisor with the group Small Business for America’s Future, spoke with WOAY, and says the plan has potential to help small businesses in West Virginia, especially when it comes to employment.

He says certain parts of the bill’s social services, such as expanding the child tax credit, could encourage more people to rejoin the workforce. 

“We hear from a lot of small businesses that their number one issue is recruiting,” Buttle said. “We want more people in the workforce, and we want small businesses to have the talent they need.”

As well, Buttle mentioned the bill’s focus on improving infrastructure can have long term impacts on small businesses everywhere by improving roads and shipping.

Opponents of the agenda have concerns about the bill’s huge cost. One such person is Senator Joe Machin, who is a major swing vote on the matter. 

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