Biden’s Build Back Better agenda sees some support in West Virginia Legislature

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY) – President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is stirring up a conversation in the West Virginia Legislature. 

The agenda has a heavy emphasis on clean energy and infrastructure. The plan has seen some support thus far in the West Virginia Legislature. One supporter is Delegate Kayla Young of Kanawha County.

Young says the agenda can help bring clean energy jobs to West Virginia, something that she believes needs to be emphasized, especially because of climate change.

“Coal not coming back is not West Virginia’s fault, it is a global market shift,” Young said. “And we just need to keep up.” 

According to Young, the agenda’s action on climate change is incredibly important for West Virginia. Experts believe climate change is already impacting many areas around the country, and West Virginia is not left out.

“We have been able to pass quite a few bills related to solar energy and just moving forward on climate change,” Young added. “Because it’s already impacting our economy. We’ve seen tons of extreme weather events in West Virginia. Those are direct effects of climate change that we’re already starting to feel.”

Biden’s plan has seen some support in the West Virginia Legislature, but opponents of the agenda are still plentiful on both the local and federal stage. Those who oppose it say the plan is too costly.

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