Bible Program Suspended In Mercer County

It has left parents and grandparents furious, as the Mercer County Board of Education suspends the Bible program in all elementary schools. Grandparent Drema Cox told us, “They need to wake up and smell the coffee and let the kids enjoy something that they like.” 

When we reached out to the Superintendent of Mercer County Schools, she was unable to comment. But she did give us a memorandum regarding the elementary bible program. Superintendent Deborah S. Akers said in the memorandum, “Since the bible class is an elective, I would like to include community members and religious leaders along with our teachers in this process. In order to conduct a thorough review, we need to allow at least a year to complete the task.”

And even though the program is only suspended for now, parents are still very upset. Heather Fain, who’s son is in third grade said, “I think it’s wrong, my son goes to Mercer Elementary and he’s in third grade and it really helped him. He would come home and tell us what he learned and bibles in the school and my other son is in fifth, he loved it. He also came home and told us everything.” Another parent, Debbie Sigmon told us, “I don’t like it at all, I think it’s always been an option program. I know that me as a parent, I am responsible for teaching my child the bible but I feel like it could be in the school because there are a lot of kids in the school that may not ever hear it or anything.”

And it is not only the parents who are upset but the students as well.  One student, Hannah Phelps told us, “I’m sad because ever since I’ve been in school, we’ve had bible in the school and I’ve gotten use to it.” While another student, Jake Fain said, “I am upset and I wish they could bring it back.”

Parents and students are hoping they will bring the program back for good.

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