Bernie Sanders Visits McDowell County

 Several people stood in line, some holding signs while they waited for the auditorium doors to open. Former Presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders visited Mount view High School to talk to west Virginians about some of the states important issues.

Raychelle borchett

Before the event began, WOAY talked to people who were waiting in line to see how they feel about Sanders visiting McDowell County. “What I like about Bernie is that when he comes here, he didn’t come here to talk to us or to talk at us, he came here to ask us how can he help.” said, McDowell County Resident, Raychelle Borchett. 

Oliver Keene, stated, “I want to see what Bernie has to say about rural communities and especially what we can do to help people here in the coal fields because McDowell county is kind of, it has a lot of the same problems that people in  Tazewell County have, so I think that’s really important and we’ve been ignored by a lot of politicians and I’m really glad to see somebody actually cares about us.”

 Although McDowell county was considered the most Pro Trump County in the United States, Sanders is still making an effort to try and help The people of WV. Sanders stated in an interview with WOAY, “I think we got to make public colleges and universities Tuition free, which means a lot of young people will be more motivated to study because their going to be able to go to college I think we need to move toward what other countries have and that is healthcare for all as a right, which would be a huge consequence for West Virginia, Vermont, and this nation as a hole. Those are some of the things I think we need to do. And by the way instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires I think we need to ask them to start paying their fair share of Taxes and all do respect there’s something wrong in America when we have so much poverty and we have a billionaire president who proudly tells us he pays nothing in federal income tax..that’s wrong.”

Unfortunately we were not able to tape the town hall meeting, but the event was successful, reaching full capacity and leaving many west Virginians hopeful. 

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