Beginning Of Spring Season Snow Storm

Fayette County., WV (WOAY) – With the spring season in full effect, shouldn’t the weather lightening up just a bit? As the seasons changed the weather didn’t.

Spring is a time where many think of flowers, rain and warmer weather. In March of 2017 the temperatures were actually in the fifties.

Although the season just changed, the winter weather wasn’t quite finished yet.

Several inches of snow fell thru the night but that didn’t stop the Dept. of Transportation workers from having roadways clear this morning.

WVDOT employees add that this snow was easier to clear than previous storms because of one reason.

John Dixon Fayette County Highway Administrator, “With the temperatures from the past few days being warm the asphalt has heated up and its held the temperature in and it doesn’t let it(snow) stick as good.”

Not all areas were lucky as Raleigh and Fayette County, the snow storm caused several outages in Greenbrier and Nicholas County.

Though students did receive an extra day out of school not everyone was excited about it.
Nevaeh Gibson Crescent Elementary Student said, “It’s suppose to be super warm but I don’t really know why its snowing.”

WVDOT adds that their designated snow and ice removal season ends March 31. Despite the quickly approaching date they will continue to salt and remove snow on roads until the season is fully complete.

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