Beckley’s Kids Classic Festival

 The Beckley Kids Classic Festival is a multi-day, community-wide festival that offers numerous youth and family activities.

“We’ve had activities all week, this is kind of the signature event that started it all and it is the street fair.  We have lots of booth set up with games, food and fun for the whole family. The United Bank has a games arcade and we had a parade earlier today,” said Jill Morphill, Director of Beckley events.

The festival involves local organizations and businesses with the goal of providing entertainment and events for youth in the Beckley community.  Today’s events included a street fair with many games, activities, and a variety of foods.

Alexis Bolen, Queen of the Beckley Kids Classic said, “Today, children and families were able to go under the United Bank  to play arcade games. Then they can come out and enjoy some of the vendors we have set up here.”

Many different organizations in Beckley support the kids festival including:  Ronald McDonald House, Beckley Fire Department, United Bank and MedExpress.

“The Kids Classic Festival is the best festival throughout Beckley, not only because I get to represent it, but because it is a great time for family and friends,” said Bolen. 

Saturday’s kids festival ended with a firework show for kids, families and the community to enjoy. The Beckley Kids Festival is a fantastic way to celebrate our kids.


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