Beckley’s Annual Appalachian Festival Arts and Crafts Fair

Arts, crafts, food and more were highlights of the 53rd annual Appalachian Festival Arts and Crafts Fair that took place over the weekend in Beckley.

Hosted by the Beckley- Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce, the fair began Friday afternoon and closed its door today at 5:00 p.m. after a successful weekend showcasing beautiful handcrafted wares and a variety of musical entertainment for fair participants to enjoy.   This year, the fair had over 100 vendors that came to the show and sell their creations.

One vendor that participated in the fair is known as Michelle’s Vintage Jewelry.  This vendor sells many different jewelry pieces that are handmade.  These unique pieces are described by the artist as a, “mindfulness collection that I made, and little mirrors that I embellished,” said Michelle Levin.

The love and care that has been put into each of the items displayed is evident at each of the booths.  These items include: quilts, pottery, woodwork and sculptures.   In addition to handmade crafts, the fair also had daily musical performances that ranged from Celtic to Bluegrass for everyone’s listening pleasure.   Another event that took place at the fair was the 43rd annual quilt show with the theme, “Row to Row”.     Residents of West Virginia were welcome to participate in the quilt show as long as the quilts were made by hand or machine.

Many families and local residents came out to support the vendors and see what the Appalachian Fair had to offer, including one family who brought along their granddaughter for the first time.

“I enjoy looking at all the crafts, seeing what’s new and talking to a lot of people. And of course, I brought my granddaughter, Lydia Brooke, this time.    This is her first time she’s two years old, and she’s enjoying it a whole lot,” said Lisa Perplesinger, a resident of Beckley.

The Appalachian Festival brings together locals and visitors while highlighting the abundant talent of crafters, artists and entertainers in West Virginia.    The Appalachian Festival Arts and Craft fair is a great event for artists, entertainers, family and friends.

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