Beckley Woman Sentenced To 30 Years For Killing Pastor

On Thursday, Judge Hutchinson sentenced 22-year-old Camille Brown of Beckley to 30 years in prison with the eligibility of parole in 10. Brown who plead guilty to second degree murder, killed 68-year-old Ronald Browning of Beckley on February 7th, 2015. Browning was a pastor at the Cool Ridge Community Church and did not know Brown.  

During the sentencing both families were filled with emotion as well as disappointment.

“If she can be a good girl for 10 years she’s going to get out, does that mean my brother is going to be back in 10 years? No. The judicial system really sucks,” said Ralph Browning brother of Ronald Browning. 

Brown who showed remorse during the sentencing, entered the home of Browning on Odessa Avenue in Beckley beating him to death. She later admitted to police that she had taken marijuana before the attack. However, because Brown was so aggressive with the doctors after she was arrested, they were not able to draw her blood.

“At the end of the day you don’t know what you’re getting when you go out on the streets and buy marijuana. It is not regulated, it is not legal in West Virginia, you can have anything in there. In this case we have someone who had a severe reaction to a substance and did something that was absolutely atrocious and God awful,” said Defense attorney Jesse Forbes.

“In my opinion, marijuana had nothing to do with it and we did hire a Psychopharmacologist in anticipation of trial who had the same opinion. In fact we have the girl that she smoked the marijuana with and she said that Camille Brown only took two puffs. The girl smoked the rest of it and said that it was just plain marijuana, that Camille Brown was fine and she was fine. Camille Brown went home that night and was with her mother all night as well as the next morning and she was fine. So the murder would have been at least 12 hours after the supposed marijuana smoking,” said Prosecuting attorney Kristen Keller.  

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