Beckley VA Medical Center Adds Tele-ICU Program To Its Facility

All with the push of a button, a whole new department joined the VA Medical Center in Beckley.

“This is a really fantastic technology that links the Cincinnati VA capabilities with the Beckley VA capabilities, and also the Baltimore VA together, so that we can take care of our intensive care unit patients all together and tap into all of the expertise that they have there at their medical centers,” Stacy Vasquez, the┬áDirector at the Beckley VA Medical Center, told us.

This advanced program allows intensive care units in other hospitals to receive bedside data of Beckley patients and help with their critical care.

“This is particularly important for Beckley because we’re a highly rural facility, and getting some of these specialities that we’re talking about, in the mix of taking care of intensive care patients, is very hard to get here in Beckley. This ties us right with those specialties, so that we can give the veterans the best care,” explained Vasquez.

Each Beckley ICU room is now equipped with this technology.

“The Tele-ICU program will allow us to keep our veterans closer to home, provide continuity of care, ease of transfer from the ED to the ICU, and is cost-effective for our facility,” said Jennifer Treadway, the Facility Tele-Health Coordinator.

The Tele-ICU program allows doctors to provide care for out veterans 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

By having this new technology, the remote doctors and nurses will help the local ones here at the VA Medical Center to give these veterans the best care possible.

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