Beckley Stratton Middle School gearing up for BEST craft and vendor show

Beckley Stratton Middle School is kicking off its craft and vendor show/and Raleigh County Winter Art Show this Saturday, December 16.

There, local vendors present creative wares and passion for their craft.

Looking for a Christmas or holiday gift… come out to Beckley Stratton for their second annual craft and vendor show — where you will find a variety of handmade goods.

“Wood signs, jewelry, shirts, tumblers, baked goods, candies, croqueted items, quilts,” said health education teacher Amy Shumate. “I mean, a little bit of everything.”

Shumate says one of the students who does photography and some really good work is setting up as his entrepreneurial self. Also, multiple students will be there helping.

“Working the concession stand, helping at the front door. Some of the people helping dress up ’cause we’re also gonna be doing pictures with Santa, we got Mrs. Clause coming; we might have the Grinch — we’re hoping so,” Shumate said. “The kids are definitely involved and we love that part of it.”

The winter art show allows the school to connect back with the community. Everything comes full circle. The goal is to raise as much money as they can… Their first purchase with those funds will be ‘stop the bleed’ kits for each one of the hallways.

“The rest of the money we have alloted to go our fellowship of Christian athletes, our athletic groups, band members, choir — anything that affects the kids at the school,” said the Health Ed teacher.

The power of doing something like this can’t be underestimated… Amy says that was her vision as a small business owner herself. She and her husband go all over the state selling their goods and she saw the opportunity here.

“It’s a great event; an easy way to fundraise while giving back to the community and helping support those local businesses,” Shumate said.”

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