Beckley Police Practice Defensive Training

The Beckley Police Department will continue to be prepared more than ever as their Police Officers practice survival tactics at the Family Martial Arts Center.

“It’s specifically designed for law enforcement and military, it’s kind of a way to survive in a bad situation, when you get attacked or your in certain positions.” said, Instructor Sergeant Adam Jones. Jones has been doing jiu-jitsu since he was fifteen and thinks all officers should know the defensive tactics. “It’s a good system, it’s a good program, i think their very simple and effective techniques.” said Jones.

Most of the Beckley Police Officers have done defensive training before and they said it is very helpful. “A┬álot of the things we learn here, you don’t want to have to implement everyday while your working. it’s for the more of the worse situations, but when you need it, you need to be very proficient at it.” said Beckley Patrol Officer, Shawn Carpenter.

All officers will complete an eight hour hands on experience that will help them be more prepared in the future.


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