Beckley Police Department offers advice on how to travel safely for Thanksgiving weekend

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Despite COVID numbers increasing, there will still be plenty of traveling done this Thanksgiving, in multiple capacities.

Having students on breaks from college, and families and friends reuniting often leads to more people on the roads.

“There’s going to be increased traffic on the roadways,” said Beckley Police Department Sergeant Jamie Wilhite. “There’s going to be more vehicles, maybe less experienced drivers coming to and from college. So the main thing is drive defensive, avoid distractions and be careful. Give yourself plenty of time to get to wherever you’re going.”

Despite an increase in COVID numbers, Wilhite expects a typically large amount of Thanksgiving travel. It remains important to stay attentive and drive safely.

“My main concern right now would be we don’t want you to be involved in a crash,” Wilhite said. “We don’t want any fatalities. Certainly not on holiday travel. That makes it more tough than it already is.”

For those staying local, you can expect a number of departments, including Beckley PD, to maintain a constant presence around the area this weekend.

“They can expect more officers out on the road,” Wilhite said. “Whether it’s solely overtime for traffic enforcement to ensure the roadways are safer.

“That’s just not for Beckley, Raleigh County, that’s for, really, the entire state and certainly Southern West Virginia.”

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