Beckley Mayor announces new recreational development plan

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Beckley’s Mayor Rob Rappold recently announced that the city is seeking federal funding for a new recreational development plan.

“Senator Manchin and Senator Capito have substantial earmarks that they’re able to use this year, and we were looking for a program that would not only just be a one-time deal but would have a long range, positive impact on our area,” says Billy Trump, recorder treasurer for City of Beckley.

The first phase of this plan is expected to be between $7 to $8 million, which is the federal cap for these kinds of projects, but enough to enhance recreational development to a big area of Beckley.

“We had a project where the Mill in Beckley was part of the National registry of places. With the earmarks, we are hoping to turn that site into a visitor center for people that are coming into the park, and actually turn it into a gateway,” he says.

Development to the historic Alfred Beckley Mill project could potentially stretch all the way into Fayette County, to the New River area and over to the Summit Bechtel Reserve, as it is an area with many acres and potential.

“Development of that area is very, very extensive,” Trump adds.

After many years of trying to push this recreation development project, city officials are now hopeful that earmark funding will help make these developments to the Mill a reality.

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