Beckley Man Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison

For Calvin Carlisle’s family it was an emotional day inside the Raleigh County Courthouse, as they faced Carlisle’s murderer, however they do believe justice has been served. 

“I’m content, I’m happy how things went today you know there is a lot of closure behind it considering the brutal murder of my son,” said Danielle Carlisle, the mother of the victim. 

On Thursday, Tahim Simmons was sentenced to 40 years behind bars for the murder of 27-year-old Calvin Carlisle of Detroit, Michigan.  Simmons was accused of murdering Carlisle in August of 2016 after he told a woman who was one his acquaintances to come over because he had “something to show her”, which led to Carlisle’s body that was buried in Simmons backyard in Beckley. 

“The defendant says the victim was alive when he buried him and put him under the bushes in the backyard and I hope that isn’t true. I do hope that Mr. Carlisle was dead before the insects and the animals began feeding on him,” said Prosecuting Attoney Kristen Keller during the sentencing. 

Simmons plead by the way of a Kennedy plea, meaning he does not have to admit he is guilty to second degree murder and the use of a firearm. In court, Simmons stated, “The allegations that I beat this man with a log and everything, nothing like that happened. We got into an altercation. I felt like I was being choked out but I found a way out of it. I struck the man, chocked him out and I dragged him outside. But as far as shooting and killing that man, I did not do it.” 

In an interview with Kristen Keller, she added “The gun was never recovered but the blood all over Simmons apartment is Calvin Carlisle’s blood, we have the DNA. Its also the defendant who led a female to the body and told her that he had killed the victim. He told several people he was the one that killed the victim but upon autopsy what killed the victim and his only significant injury was a gunshot through one arm pit, then through both of his lungs and out the other side. We also had evidence that the defendant right before the murder had been asking for a gun and actually stated to one person that, “If I had the money I would buy that gun and shoot the blank, blank.” 

Keller also added that in most of these cases law officials never find the gun because it is usually disposed afterwards.

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