Beckley First Responders Are Prepared If Massacre Hits


During a horrible tragedy, such as the Las Vegas massacre, first responders, including those in Beckley reacted to the incident.


“When you first hear about it you’re just completely heartbroken and your heart goes out to everyone that’s affected by such a senseless thing to happen.  Then being a first responder, you immediately think what you would do in that type of a situation and how the hero’s did step forward,” said Rick Cornett, first responder at Jan-Care Ambulance.


After the shocking news broke early Monday morning, many first responders began to think about what they would do if they were in a similar situation.


“With all your training and everything, you would definitely go to the peoples aid and all that you could do for them,” said Jack McClung first responder at Jan-Care Ambulance.


Beckley’s first responders have never been through a tragedy of this magnitude, though many have assisted with other tragedies in West Virginia and other states.  Many wonder what actions they would take if it happened in our community.


“The Department has their options of how they respond to these types of incidents. The Beckley Police Department actually plans for these type of incidents each year.  We do training – active shooter training- where the officers learn how to respond to different situations,” said Lonnie Christian, Chief at Beckley Police Department.


The Las Vegas massacre will forever be engraved in our minds and first responders minds as we come together as a community to help Las Vegas heal.


We never know what the next day will bring, but the Beckley first responders always hope that they and our nation will never experience something this devastating. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to those in Las Vegas.

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