Beckley Fire Department receives 100 doses of Narcan to help with opioid epidemic

A bottle with a hydrocodone (the generic name for drug sold under other names by various pharmaceutical companies) label and hydrocodone tablets spilling out isolated on white background. Hydrocodone is a popular prescription semi-synthetic opioid that is used to treat moderate to severe pain. Hydrocodone is said to be one of the most common recreational prescription drugs in America.

An opioid antagonist is being distributed throughout Raleigh County.

One hundred doses of Narcan were sent to the Beckley Fire Department Friday. On Monday, Lieutenant Chris Lanna called it a huge advantage to help West Virginia’s opioid epidemic.

Each dose costs about 50 dollars and was originally coming out of Fire Departments and EMT budgets. But after SenateĀ  Bill 272 ordered first responders to carry antagonists like Narcan, the state issued a million dollar grant to firefighters and EMT’s.

“This is just an extra tool in our tool box to help us out with opioid epidemic in this area…more money that we can put toward other areas in our budget to help out the citizens of Beckley,” Lanna said.

Lanna also said that Narcan can beneficial for accidental overdoses as well intentional.