Beckley buys 26 new golf carts for Black Knight Municipal Park

BECKLEY (WOAY)- Beckley is one step closer to opening its golf course at Historical Black Knight Municipal Park.

The city announced this week that it bought 26 new golf carts to use at Black Knight. The carts, which are gas powered as opposed to electric so they can handle the hilly course, cost Beckley a little over $120,000 dollars. That’s more than $4,600 per cart on average.

On Thursday, Mayor Rob Pappold said there’s more work to be done on the nine hole course, but that opening it by July 13 is the goal.

“We want the course to be in the best shape that we can get it in before we open,” Pappold said. “That’s not to say it’ll be as good as its going to be in the future, but its going to be as good as we can make it for this golf season.

Pappold also said that city officials chose the gas-powered carts over electric because they’ll last two years longer than electric carts.

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