Beckley area finally gets a break on gas prices

RALEIGH CO., WV (WOAY / NEWS RELEASE) – Just in time for Christmas, gasoline makers give area drivers the gift of lower gas prices.

This week, on average, prices dropped from $2.64 a gallon to $2.59.  Some stations spotted around the area were even lower.

Prices have hovered around $2.64 since August after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

GasBuddy, the only smartphone app connecting 70 million drivers with their Perfect Pit Stop, today projects that average Christmas Day gas prices will be their highest since 2013.

However, there is some good news- average gas prices have fallen in every state in the last month as demand for gasoline cools off with winter returning in full force, led by states in the Great Lakes which have seen drops of over 15 cents per gallon in recent weeks.

GasBuddy projects the national average gas price this Christmas will be $2.39 per gallon, a 12-cent drop since Thanksgiving, but the priciest Christmas in four years (2013: $3.26), and 11 cents higher than Christmas last year.

Nearly 3,300 days have passed since prices on Christmas Day averaged under $2 per gallon, a feat last accomplished in 2008 when the average was $1.63 per gallon. Overall, while gas prices stand at higher seasonal levels than prior years, they remain relatively low.

On Christmas Day 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, average gas prices were over $3 per gallon.

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