Battle in the Gorge Wraps Up With Top Gun Challenge

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Firefighters and emergency medical crews battled it out this weekend on their respective teams at one of six challenge locations but Sunday’s challenge was a little different because it was the final one.

This final event determines who will win this years competition and Newswatch had the opportunity to watch first hand, a mock, vertical rescue designed for firemen. The very realistic scenario involved two people stuck on a tower and needing medical attention.

Although not everyone participated in this challenge, they all agree it’s great to see things like this first hand.

Tanner Taggle with, WVSOM said, “There’s so much more than just hospital care I mean it starts with somebody getting injured then somebody has to rescue them no matter what they’re doing if they are on a cellphone tower or if they’re hanging from a cliff there’s always something you have to do before the hospital.”

The Mt. Hope fire dept., took home the title as winner for the 2018 Top Gun challenge. The full list of winners in each challenge are below.

Auto extraction

  1. Mt. Hope Alpha Team
  2. Fayetteville Fire Dept.
  3. Mt. Hope Bravo Team


  1. Mt. Hope Alpha team
  2. Warwood Tactical
  3. Mt Hope Bravo team


  1. Mt. Hope Fire Dept.
  2. Logan EMS
  3. Health teams


  1. Ray Wolfe
  2. Wild Med
  3. Mt. Hope Fire Dept.

Vertical Rescue

  1. Jefferson County Heavy Rescue
  2. Mt. Hope Fire Dept.
  3. Lumberport Fire Dept.


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