Authorities mum on threat to intimidate protesters at Huntington Trump rally

HUNTINGTON, WV (BY: JAKE ZUCKERMAN, CHARLESTON GAZETTE-MAIL) – It’s unclear if the U.S. Secret Service is investigating a threat allegedly made against potential protesters at President Donald Trump’s rally this week in Huntington.

The threat has been circulating on social media since a Facebook account under the name of “Dana Capron” called on armed conservatives to bring weapons to intimidate any activists Thursday at Trump’s rally at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena.

The post has since been deleted, although numerous accounts have posted screenshots of the alleged threat.

“If we go then we go armed,” the post reads. “Not for the rally but for the protesters. Let’s give the protesters what they want. Those who ride, then do so and those who can drive do so. Bring everything you have or can bring. We start with anyone blocking the streets then we clear the protesters once and for all, by any means necessary. Let’s show them this is not Commieforna and we deal with protesters faster.”

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