Attorney General Morrisey Leads 37 States, Territories In Fight Against Opioid Incentives


West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey led 37 states and territories to urge health insurance companies to examine financial incentives to the opioid epidemic in West Virginia.


” The epidemic knows no boundaries and if all of us have been working to attack this problem with a supply and demand, it will also lead to an educational perspective on the issue,” said Attorney General Morrisey.


Attorney General Morrisey and Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear, co-lead the bipartisan coalition, announcing a two-step strategy intended to identify problematic policies and encourage reforms to increase the use of non-opioid treatments.


“I thank everyone who came here today. This is one of the single biggest public health crisis of our time and I’m very appreciative for Attorney General Beshear to come just across the border to work with us. We’ve been able to work together on a lot challenges facing our state and the opioid epidemic is certainly on the top of that list,” said Attorney General Morrisey.


The leaders agree that the opioid epidemic is not a Republican or Democratic issue and are uniting together through the coalition to find a solution.


” Many are taking prescriptions in their home in a way that fully deactivates the medication and is environmentally friendly, because if you have a strong prescription but you only need a couple of pills, it will can lead to an addiction,” said Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear.


The coalition members understand the important role insurance companies play in reducing opioid prescriptions and want to assess the positive and negative impacts that incentive structures could have on the epidemic.


The coalition of Attorney General’s believe incentives will promote the use of non-opioid techniques such as: physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and non-opioid medications.

It is expected that the increased use of alternatives will combat a significant factor contributing to the epidemic and the over prescription of opioid painkillers.

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