AT&T Workers Demand Fair Contracts

Frustrated over the offshoring of customer service jobs, thousands of AT&T workers are participating in coast-to-coast rallies outside AT&T retail stores and call centers to urge the company to put an end to this.

“We’re here because the AT&T contract expires tonight at midnight. It covers 26,000 employees in 36 different states across the country and we’re just out here to bring awareness to the fact that AT&T is trying to cut their benefits, cut their wages, and outsource a bunch of jobs,” President of the CWA, Rick McKinney told us.

As the contract expiration is only hours away, AT&T workers are stepping up their mobilization nationwide, opposing the company’s demands.

“AT&T has made billions in profit over these last few years with this existing contract and they’re trying to offshore a bunch of our jobs to call centers in the Philippines and we just want to make sure that our jobs stay here.”

The bargaining began on January 25th and AT&T has already demanded givebacks that would result in substantially lower benefits for its employees. AT&T workers are out here fighting for good jobs, fair wages, and real job security that their employer is not currently giving them.

These workers are hoping that the nationwide rallies that took place today will make the company reconsider before the contracts expire at midnight, but if they don’t— AT&T employees are not willing to back down.

“We have already had a strike vote and we are ready and willing to go out on strike to stand up for our rights, so that’s what we’re going to do.”

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