As hunting season has begun, hunters are being asked to use non-lead ammunition!

HINTON, WV (WOAY)- Three Rivers Avian Center is asking hunters to be cautious during hunting season by using non- lead ammunition.


This comes after the Three Rivers Avian Center posted on Facebook that they are treating 3 bald eagles and one is from Lewisburg.


The center goes on to say that the three eagles came in with lead levels in their blood over 65 micrograms per deciliter, which is strong enough to kill a child.


Predatory birds in jest lead by scavenging from gut piles left in the woods and from the carcasses of shot animals who have escaped only to die in the woods.


The center released the following quote, “We lost a young bald eagle at the end of last month from lead poisoning. If you are firing ammunition, please remember that lead is classified as a hazardous substance. If you are firing lead ammunition as a hunter, please remember that no part of the animal you kill will be safe to eat. Please switch to non-lead ammunition! Carefully clean your gun before hunting if you have been firing lead ammo – the barrel will still have lead residue that will continue onwards with the non-lead ammo if you don’t. Fishing folk, please remember to not use lead sinkers. Fish and waterfowl can consume them, and if you bite into the lead sinker to set it on the line, guess what. You just exposed yourself to lead and the tongue is great at absorption.”


If you are interested in learning more about how dangerous lead can be to these bald eagles, you can visit:

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