Are Our Local Officers Prepared For An Active School Shooter?

Fayette County WV., (WOAY) — Heroic and Brave are two words that describe any first responder.

When multiple lives are at stake during an active shooting many officers don’t have time to prepare for the situation they are soon to encounter.

In the event an active shooter is at one of our local schools, the Fayette County Sheriffs Department did confirm they receive active school shooter training quite often. Among other things that they would need to be proficient in during an active shooting.

Captain Sean Campbell with the Fayette County Sheriffs Dept. adds, “Most or all of our guys have been trained in combat lifesaver course which is mostly gunshot trauma but everyone pretty much wears all hats if something like that happens.”

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department also has an active shooter instructor apart of their staff.

Campbell notes, “Our active shooter instructors here in the Sheriff’s Office have been to most or all of the schools in the last few years to conduct active shooter drills.”

Fayette County Schools also have a fingerprint scanner at each entryway making it harder for random shooters to get in. Officers fingerprints are automatically programmed in each schools system so they can easily enter.

Officer Campbell did tell Newswatch, that as of right now he feels his office is prepared if a school shooting happened.

“My wife works on a campus and most of the guys have kids so its very near and dear to us we don’t take this lightly,” Campbell adds.

If interested in learning more about active school shootings, the Sheriff’s Office does provide free training.

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