Appalachian Power moving forward on project to add power to Trap Hill

TRAP HILL, WV (WOAY) – Appalachian Power made a presentation to the Raleigh County Commission this week to run a new power line from Dameron into Trap Hill.

The reasoning behind this proposal is because Trap Hill only has one supply line into that area. With the new line, Trap Hill will have multiple sources of power in the area, in case one of the lines goes down.

“What they’re going to do, if this line goes down, all of the Trap Hill area is without power,” said Raleigh County Commission President Dave Tolliver. “App Co. is going to run a new line from Dameron up to the sub-station at Trap Hill. That way, Trap Hill will have two means of aggress for power to come in there.”

Pending approval, Appalachian Power’s project will hopefully be completed in 2023.

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