AP FACT CHECK: Trump's tax plan is far from the biggest ever

WASHINGTON (AP) – He’s calling it the largest package of tax cuts in history but it isn’t. An AP Fact Check finds that President Donald Trump is off base about the tax overhaul he’s pitching to Americans.

Nonpartisan analysis finds the package might be the fifth largest since 1940, at most.

AP Fact Checks over the past week found that Trump also misrepresented his actions on the Obama-era health care law.

He asserted he’s “trying to keep it afloat.”

Yet he’s stopping payments to insurers that are critical to making copayments and deductibles more affordable in the subsidized individual insurance market.

Barring a reversal by Congress, the courts or administration policy, the move probably will drive up costs for many in the health exchanges and send insurers fleeing from the marketplace, or both.

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