Anti-Bullying Pumpkin Drop Held In Mount Hope

MOUNT HOPE, WV – It’s Bully Prevention month and teachers are trying to find new ways to help their students understand why bullying needs to stop and how they can help make it stop.

Drop it! Drop it! Drop it!
The kids at Mount Hope Elementary School excited to try a new experiment that might just help them deal with a bully. “I started the day off with two pumpkins that weren’t in cased with anything as controls and kind of said look these are the kids that aren’t protected and they smashed immediately.” Said Mr. Cliff Sullivan, 5th grade teacher.

This is bully prevention month and teachers getting creative to make sure kids are aware of how serious bullying is and the effects it can have on a person being bullied.
“If you see somebody bring bullied you could like help people like, you could go stand up for them and stuff.” Said Andrea Smith, 3rd grade student.

The kids wrote anti-bullying words on their pumpkins… Put them in a box cushioned with bags, that act as protection to hopefully keep the pumpkin from smashing inside the box. Next comes the drop…

“We also talk about science and the science standards and hypothesis and everything. One of the things we talked about the other day was lets make it a hypothesis. If my friends leave me by myself and I’m picked on in the cafeteria and I’m picked on at recess am I going to crack or am I going to survive.” Said Mr. Sullivan.

This experiment is designed to inspire the children and to teach a valuable lesson.

“Trust yourself in doing something and work really hard to do something.”

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