Annual Heart Fair at Raleigh General Hospital

BECKLEY, WV – With winter temperatures making people want to stay inside, Raleigh General Hospital’s annual “Heart Fair” is a good way to get people out of the house and learning how to protect one of the body’s most important muscles – the heart.

Raleigh Memorial Hospital’s Cath Lab Manager, Lee Brown, told us, “The Heart Fair is an annual event we put on for community awareness. February is heart awareness month. We get everyone out for free blood work, and to pick up some information on heart attack care, diabetes, and how to stay healthy.”

Heart experts from the hospital were on hand to address the impact of exercise, smoking, nutrition, medications and stress on the heart. A variety of informational booths provided details on such topics as heart attack, stress management, smoking, CPR and pacemakers.

”So today we’re demonstrating love the one you’re with, that’s our theme because we only get one heart for a lifetime, so we want you to love that heart, and in doing so we look at things like exercise and eating right,” Chief Nursing Officer, Carol Bolton, said.

The heart fair also offered a variety of free health tests such as blood pressure screenings and oxygen saturation. The hospital always expects to receive about 200 visitors at the heart fair each year, and many area residents look forward to participating in it every February.

One resident, JoAnn Byron, said, “Probably because I’m older, and these things become more important. I came last year, and I thought it was very informative. You always learn new things. You may have heard it before, but you forget. So it’s nice to renew this information.”

For those of you who weren’t able to attend this year’s Heart Fair, the doctors at Raleigh General Hospital encourage everyone to be aware of signs and symptoms of heart failure, and to come in for check-ups if anything seems out of the ordinary.

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