Annexation Meeting For Mabscott Set

The Raleigh County Commission is considering allowing the town of Mabscott to annex part of Highway 16 that runs through MacArthur.
The Commission is getting a lot of feedback, so it has scheduled a special public hearing next month for residents to voice their concerns.
“What we’ve done today, we verified that the next meeting which is February 6th, we will still have our public hearing at 10:00 am but the public hearing for annexation of Mabscott down route 16 at MacArthur will be held at 6:00 pm that evening,” said Commissioner Dave Tolliver.
We talked with almost 10 people in the area. ALL are against the annexation.
“We oppose the Mabscott annexation because of the reputation of the town and because of the reputation of the Mayor. We feel like Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department is doing a good job patrolling this road,” said local business owner Eric Shrewsbury.
Mr. Maynard, a customer at a local business just outside the proposed annex area said “I am just totally against it. I don’t think it ought to be annexed. I think it is just more bureaucracy and more administration fees and I’ve not seen anything good come out of it yet.”
The owners of the businesses who will be affected by the annexation have started petitions to stop this proposal, but Commissioner Tolliver says the fight may last beyond their decision.
“If we deny the petition then Mabscott will take it to the Circuit Court and the Judges will make a decision,” said Commissioner Tolliver.

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