An Inside look At What It’s Like Working At The Chick-Fil-A Franchise

BECKLEY, WV – Chick-Fil-A has expanded and opened up at a new location on Harper Road in Beckley. This being a positive expansion because it is providing more job opportunities for the community as well as more Chick-Fil-A chicken for customers!

I’m here at the Chick-fil-a on Harper road it is officially open now so I’m going to go on a little venture and see what it’s like being a team member in the Chick-fil-a franchise!

” We are open we’re very excited it’s a great day to celebrate everything that’s been happening over the last five months and now it’s all come together for us to celebrate and actually serve some chicken out of the building.”  Said Joshua McFarland, Chief Operating Officer

First I started working in the front of the building, learning how to greet customers, take their order, and work the cash register. While working with the other team members I got to understand why they enjoy working at Chick-fil-a.

“I enjoy it I’ve never really gotten tired of my job. I enjoy the people I have a very friendly atmosphere and there’s a lot of opportunity for promotions. promotions happen pretty quickly if you show interest in it.” Said Tiffini Fleenor, Drive Thru Leader

Learning how to take orders from the front of the building was fun but I showed interest in taking orders and learning how to serve customers that make their orders in the drive through and that is what I got a chance to do.

” Chick-Fil-A is very respected here for our community engagement for how we take care of our employees as well as how we take care of our guest.” “there are a lot of opportunities here with this company.” Said Fleenor

From the front, the back, and the side working at Chick-fil-a for a day was my pleasure. In a franchise that has been here since 1981 Chick-fil-a customers are treated with great service but they appreciate the team members that provide that great customer service to them.
“I love it!” Said Fleenor

Well, now that my venture is complete and my work is done I’m an official Chick-fil-a team member.

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