Amtrak Decision To Cut Charter and Special Service Trains To Effect Local Areas

Hinton.,WV (WOAY) – Amtrak recently announced that they will no longer be offering special service and charter trains. The decision could have a serious monetary impact on the region.

This week Congressman Evan Jenkins sent a letter to Amtrak asking if they would reconsider their decision to end the special train service.

One of those services is Hinton Railroad Days, which over the course of two weeks thousands of people travel in on Amtraks to come visit the town. It has become a staple event in Hinton during the fall.

Timothy O’Farrell a Railroad Employee and Hinton resident adds,

“Everybody would be devastated it’s the biggest thing that happens in Hinton for the year we have little parades but train days are a big thing for Hinton West Virginia.”

Without means of public transportation majority of Hinton residents are left to take the Amtrak.

“We need Amtrak because Hinton still has 2,000 to 3,000 people here there’s no bus service or taxi service and a lot of people get on and off. He continued, Amtrak runs three days a week.”

Amtrak has several stations located throughout southern WV from Montgomery to Charleston.

According to Jenkins, Amtraks decision will cause the region to loss 5 million dollars in revenue and 2 million dollars to the City of Huntington.

Hinton residents hope Jenkins letter persuades Amtrak to re-think their decision.

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