AmeriCorps Lunch & Learn

Now, more than ever several West Virginia Organizations could use an extra set of hands. Volunteer West Virginia hosted a free luncheon at WVU Tech Beckley Campus Friday afternoon. They invited non-profit organizations throughout West Virginia to teach them more about AmeriCorps and how to host a volunteer.

Executive Director of Volunteer West Virginia said in an interview with WOAY, “AmeriCorps is a community service program that engages people of all ages in service to their community. Non-profit and local organizations can run programs that engage in AmeriCorps members to expand the capacity of their mission.” AmeriCorps programs serve in different areas and offers opportunities from summer reading programs to community development work. If you are interested in becoming an AmeriCorps volunteer, you will be offered many benefits. “You get great professional development experience, a living allowance, and then about six thousand dollars in an educational work. Which can be used for, hire-eds, student loans, basically any College University or trade program that accepts federal financial aid.”

Kim Ross, who is an Administrative Assistant at Bluefield State College, served for AmeriCorps and says it is an amazing program to be a part of…”I really enjoyed AmeriCorps and to be honest, one of the best things is when you get to do these trainings on a regular basis and you get to connect with all of these other AmeriCorps volunteers. It is team building, you’re getting knowledge, you’re are in workshops and it is really, really awesome!”

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