American Red Cross Installing Free Smoke Detectors to "Sound An Alarm, Save A Life"

On average, seven people die a day from a home fire, and 75% of those homes, did not have smoke alarms installed.

Firefighters in Southern West Virginia are worried about this issue and you should be too because half of house fires happen overnight, when everyone is asleep, so it’s critical that you have a working smoke alarm.

That’s why the American Red Cross is partnering with local fire departments to help as many households as they can.

“From September 23rd to October 15th, we’re going to be installing 750 smoke alarms in the Beckley areas, so we need your help, we need volunteers, we need partners, and we need you to sign up for an installation,” Courtney Clark, the Executive Director of American Red Cross in southeast West Virginia, told us.

The “Get Alarmed West Virginia” Campaign is an initiative that will allow anyone who signs up to receive free smoke alarms in their homes.

Lt. Bryan Williams, from the Beckley Fire Department, said, “We run about 50 fires a year, and your chances of surviving are significantly increased if you have a working smoke detector.”

And according to the U.S. Fire Administration, West Virginians are more than three times more likely to die in a fire than residents of other states.

“The “Sound the Alarm” is something new, nationally, and we’ve been chosen as one of the cities to take part in that. In West Virginia, events will be held in Beckley and Charleston,” said Courtney.

The volunteers will not only be installing the detectors, they will also go through fire safety tips and help families map out an escape route in case of a fire.

“It’s recommended by NFPA to have a working smoke detector on every floor, including the basement,” continued Lt. Bryan Williams.

Sound the alarm and save a life…

Those interested in volunteering for Get Alarmed West Virginia can call 304-558-2191. Sign-ups also are available online at

Requests for the free alarms can be made by visiting, or by calling 1-844-216-8286.

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