American Red Cross Celebrates West Virginia Day

From just a simple knock on the door, the American Red Cross made a difference in residents homes on Tuesday. Executive Director of Red Cross, Courtney Clark told us, “In honor of West Virginia day and the one year anniversary of the floods we thought we would come out and help West Virginians living in these hard hit areas and make sure their prepared for distastes even more common disasters like a home fire.”

The American Red Cross made their way through White Sulphur Springs visting residents homes that were impacted by the devastating June floods. Red Cross Volunteer Jason Plogger added, “Were going throughout White Sulphur Springs installing smoke alarms and that’s another thing our “Home Fire Campaign” we got going on. We are going in and installing smoke alarms, their a ten year smoke alarm, you don’t have to have batteries with them and it’s just a very important thing.” 

The smoke alarms were installed free of charge and Red Cross is hoping residents feel safer now in their homes. A victim of the floods, Amy Humen told us, “It was a surprise but a nice surprise, it was kind of just an added bonus to help in the recovery.” While another victim, Cynthia Wykle added, “That is wonderful that they do that, very thoughtful.” 

The American Red Cross has seen twelve lives saved already in just West Virginia alone from their home fire campaign and they are hoping to continue to make a huge impact. As well as touch the community of White Sulphur Springs.

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