Alderson Celebrates Annual 4th of July Parade

The sights and sounds of a hometown holiday parade in Alderson today. But, this annual tradition has a special meaning behind it as they make up for last years parade that was canceled after the devastating June floods that hit the small town hard. 4th of July parade committee member told us, “I think a lot of people came out because of last year. It’s a time of renewal and time to come out and show your support to our first responders and others that did so much work in our county and in our town.”

Roughly fifteen thousand people crowded the sidewalks to celebrate Americas birthday “I think it’s actually important to instill the 4th of July celebration in the young ones, to realize what America is about and why we are here now”, said Melissa Tillman, resident of Ronceverte.  Including West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, “Alderson’s parade is spectacular, there fireworks have always been unbelievable and there celebration on the 4th of July, Americas birthday is just off the charts. The turn out was spectacular, the good Lord gave us good weather and a really special day. I mean how could it be more special then America’s birthday.”

After, the parade that doesn’t mean the festivities are over, the town of Alderson will be shooting off fireworks tonight and say there is nothing like a small town celebration. Resident of Williamsburg Bill Hannon added, “It’s a big tradition here, they’ve been doing it for years and a lot of people, a lot of communities get together here it’s pretty neat.”

It’s a timeless tradition of celebrating the holiday as well as Alderson’s recovery of the floods. 

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