Alderson Announces Targeted Enforcement Of Speed Limits

ALDERSON, WV (WOAY) – At the regularly scheduled Council Meeting on July 11, 2019, a concerned delegation of Alderson parents and grandparents presented Council with a plea for speed regulation on the newly paved streets. Council authorized the exploration and installation of speed reducers such as bumps and humps to remedy the issues they presented.

However, the installation of mechanical devices to reduce speed could undermine the work and purpose of slope and asphalt lays in some places. The Town of Alderson has spent millions of dollars to fix drainage, flood, and pavement issues over the last couple of years. The engineers specified the way the asphalt was to be installed to make the water flow to the new drains and speed control devices could cause problems. Nonetheless, these options are under review.

Mayor Travis Copenhaver said, “As of this morning, I have requested all police officers to saturate all of our side streets and residential areas for the primary purpose of speed enforcement. Therefore, this shall serve as public notice, the posted speed limit on side streets in Alderson is 25 miles per hour unless otherwise posted (school zone is 15).”

Alderson police generally write about 25 speeding tickets each year and the court costs and fines associated with a speeding ticket in Alderson usually add up to $125.00. Alderson officers are certified in the use of radar and the radar units are certified as well. They meet the state code for the primary use of radar for stops. The primary purpose of enforcement of any motor vehicle code is safety. In this instance, targeted enforcement is especially for the protection of children.

Everyone loves to see children out playing in their yards in the summertime and parents have a duty to protect their children and keep them out of the streets. However, a ball or runaway child can cause issues that neither a driver nor a parent would ever want to see happen.

Copenhaver added, “Please obey the speed limits, don’t drive distracted, and do your part to help us all make our streets safe.”

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