After Having Over 200 Years of Military Service, Almond Family Honored in Bridge Dedication

Earlier this year, the West Virginia legislature passed a resolution to name a bridge after a special family of veterans, the Almond’s. Nine of the Almond brothers and their three brother-in-laws all served in the military. One of them even serving in the military for 45 straight years, and all together the men have had over a 100 years of service. In addition to these men, there are currently four members of the family serving right now, and have also had 12 other family members serve. Collectively, the Almond family has served well over 200 years of service.

A bridge was dedicated in honor of the Almond Family on Saturday, July 29th. The “Almond Brothers and Family Veterans Bridge” ┬áhonors the twelve, first generation Almond brothers, and the 16 other family members who have served, or are currently serving, in the military.

Only six of the brothers who are deceased are spelled out in the resolution. The bridge that is honored by the Almond family is located on Route 16 over the Mabscott overpass.

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