Adventures On The Gorge During Bridge Day!

FAYETTEVILLE, WV – It’s time to get ready for Bridge Day at the New River Gorge. Enjoy the scenery and all the fun activities that will be happening on top of and underneath the bridge.

It’s that time of year that excite a lot of people here in southern West Virginia… The largest single day festival Bridge day is on the horizon at the new river gorge bridge. Thousands of people come to base jump off the bridge into the gorge and zip line off of the High-Line .
“I’m so pumped for this! I’m so excited, I’m one step closer to getting ready to zip line. “There are safety measures that have to be taken so that participants can be safe and secure as they take flight off the bridge or go zip lining.

“If you’re coming underneath the cat walks and you’re going out to do the bridge walk and the high line. The big thing for us is a safety thing, you shouldn’t have anything on your person that isn’t secured to your person because if anything drops off the bridge we all know anything that gets thrown over the top or the bottom or gets dropped can really do some serious injury to people.” Said Tammy Otten, an intervention specialist
The high-line is around 500 to 600 feet off the ground and for some people it can be scary but for others it can be extremely exciting.

“It’s very controlled, it’s not like your regular zip line. It’s exciting when you go through that bridge to go down. She’s going to be very excited to do that and she’s going to be a thrill for her, she’ll love it.”
“I’m excited about this venture! I’ve never done anything like this before so l’m just excited and ready to take part in the high-line zip lining.” Said Maelynn Rose, High-line team member
The view from the high line is beautiful and the ride on the zip line is like smooth sailing. (natural Sound)

I just finished zip lining off the new river gorge bridge. It was exciting, a wonderful ride all the way down its about 350 feet in the air and there’s going to be a whole bunch of activities that people can take part of on Saturday during bridge day. Make sure you come out and enjoy some of those activities, see whats going on, even possibly see me.

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